A joint initiative of Topsector Logistics, SLF and projectleaders to share knowledge of research in the Service Logistics domain. The many research results in this platform provide insight into service logistics innovations. By sharing knowledge we achieve more together than each on its own. Jointly we make service logistics more sustainable, cost effective and better.


Predictive maintenance, a sound inventory strategy, smart partnerships, 3D printed spares: just a few challenges in the service logistics domain. Be inspired by the knowledge which can be found on this platform. Herewith a selection of projects.


The total cost of ownership of many complex capital assets is largely driven by the cost of maintenance and (service) logistics and in most cases even exceeding the purchase costs. It is essential to develop maintenance and service logistics strategies to minimize these costs whilst maximizing the availability and safety of these assets. Preventive maintenance is not yet the standard in the service logistics domain. Time to change!


Imagine you can print your spares on the spot and just in time! Consequently, the stocking of mostly slow moving and high cost spares can drop substantially. A sustainable approach for capital assets like airplanes and defence systems. Researchers of the University Twente and the Technical University Eindhoven together with some companies and the Royal Army have investigated the opportunities to streamline the aftersales logistics and spares by using 3D printing: either by printing the complete spare or by printing the components with assembly on the spot.


“Needless to say, service logistics innovations are shared with our participants at SLF events. But the sector as a whole will benefit from an online platform fully dedicated to the results of many service logistics research projects.”
Ben Gräve, SLF Chairman


Benefits of the standardization of batteries in army vehicles

Casestudy Royal Army to lower the supply chain cost of batteries: with the increase of vehicle types the number of different batteries was growing drastically. Hundreds of different batteries are in stock leading to unnecessary supply chain costs.

Condition based maintenance related to system failures

Thesis about the introduction of condition-based maintenance at Marel Stork Poultry as part of their service strategy: This research aims at the identification of failures before they occur and the creation of a related maintenance strategy.

The total cost of ownership of a 3D printer

Thesis about the maintenance strategy of a 3D printer in an additive manufacturing process: To assess the potential of a 3D printer in your production process, it is essential to address the maintenance strategy of such an additive manufacturing system to achieve minimum downtime. The behavior of the 3D printer failures is the basis of a new method to develop the maintenance concept for either the user or the OEM onsite / remote.

Rationalize the end-of-life decisions of components

Factsheet of thesis about obsolescence management at the Royal Navy: Laurens Hellegers has developed a tool to rationalize the obsolescence management decisions.


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